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Guidance notes for completing the Action Grant application form

Who we award Action Grants to

 We award grants to support gas safety initiatives that can make an impact at local and national levels. Such grants help to fund either gas safety messaging or practical actions and activities. In either case, our goal is to make more vulnerable people feel safer, and to reduce the causes of gas poisoning, fires and explosions.

 What the grants are for

 Who we accept applications from 

How to apply for a grant

Please download and complete the PDF application form, and send or email it with your annual report and accounts or other supporting material. Please include a covering letter confirming the grant you are applying for, and an overview of your organisation and the project.

Alternatively you can apply using our online form.

To allow enough time for decisions on grants to be made, applications for community and group initiatives should be sent at least two months before the project is due to start, and three months in advance for improvement programmes.

Application review notes

Application outcomes

We will notify all applicants in writing about the outcome of their Gas Safe Charity Action Grant application. If you are awarded a grant, we will confirm how much and the expectations that we require in terms of evaluating the project.

If an application is unsuccessful, it may not have met essential criteria. There must be clear and persuasive reasons for carrying out a particular piece of work.

The application must show solid evidence that the project will have measurable outcomes that benefit the public and offer value for money.

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